Dog Ownership for Beginners

Michele Serro
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As a first-time dog owner, I searched for the manual on dog ownership. I wanted to find a place for people like me, who knew nothing about raising a puppy. Not a training guide, but a how-to guide on how to have a dog. 

Instead I found material that was incredibly broad and difficult to navigate. I hadn't even brought my puppy home yet and I was already overwhelmed by everything involved. After going through the process myself, it was clear that most information was presented from the perspective of someone who had already clearly mastered dog ownership because so many details were left out.

I created the experience I wish had existed when I got my puppy and I learned a very important lesson along the way: having a confident dog is about being a confident owner. But that comes only from having all the information you need, collected and condensed in one place, presented at the right time, so you can spend more time enjoying your dog and less time worrying you're going to screw him up. 

My goal is to make you smarter, faster and to save you hours of pain, worry and money by sharing with you my learnings and giving you the right information from the beginning.

I did this with the home-buying process and helped millions of people find and buy their first homes.

If you are contemplating getting a dog, preparing for a dog's arrival or have recently brought home a dog, then this planner could be for you.

Here is a sample of some of the things you can expect to find in the planner: 

* 10 Principles that answer every question you will have about your new puppy

* How to prepare yourself and your home before you bring your puppy home

* A purchase library that details which products you need at each phase

* What is happening/what you need to do with your dog at all phases from 8 weeks to 6 months

* What you need to know about crate training, potty training, socialization, leash walking, obedience, grooming and your dog's health 

* In-context tips, questions and details that everyone leaves out 

Upon purchase you will immediately be placed into the Puppy Planner where you will have access to all content delivered entirely through Notion. 

  • All content delivered through Notion.

  • All content delivered through Notion.


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Dog Ownership for Beginners

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